Have reps record notes without compromising their workflow

Sales managers: take note.
Every minute reps spend on admin is another lost making sales. Make sales notes admin-free to boost sales, along with the quantity and quality of data collected.

More notes logged

Reps spend more time selling

Managers get the full picture

Sales activity reports

Keep in tune with activity of reps and customers

Remove the mystery behind the performance of your reps and the spend of customers.
See an easy overview of rep activity, where they’ve been spending their time and customer interactions with the company.

Voice to text demonstrated by a women on a mobile phone
Man looking at Numerik app post comments on his phone


In sales, time is of the essence, log notes in seconds, not minutes.


A recognisable social media interface has reps feel right at home.


Reactions & replies provide feedback encouraging further sales logs.

“We got visibility of customer activity across 80 product groups and 8000 product lines, which helped our sales reps get a better understanding of a client's buying patterns.

Armed with this understanding, we got a positive impact on sales.”

Greg Allbut
Greg Allbut

Sheffield Group


“Excellent tool. I use it several times daily! Never had such a transparency in numbers!
Sales excellence x 2!”

Robert I

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