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If you manage a sales team, you have to try Numerik...

Numerik is a focusing tool built by sales professionals to help product-based businesses achieve their sales targets.

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Engaging Sales People One Business at a Time
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Not a bloated CRM

Easily achieve your sales targets

Numerik helps you focus on sales, not admin.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Work Numerikly


Build the sales budget

Where are your sales going to come from?

Keep the score, follow the game

Live data in real time.

Find the gaps, course correct

Motivate your team during half-time.
All the features you need

Focus on sales & important things, not administration of CRM’s

Client Testimonials

What our users say

Frazer Dunn
"What I love most about Numerik is the ability to look ahead and validate how and where we will achieve growth. Then access to real-time data has helped us identify areas we can still grow, rather than just riding the wave of a buoyant market. "
Frazer Dunn
OSC Sales
OSC Faster Fasteners
Greg Allbut
"Numerik helped motivate and focus the team to achieve their targets in a structured way. We got visibility of customer activity across 80 product groups and 8000 product lines, which helped our sales-reps get a better understanding of a clients' buying patterns. Armed with this understanding, we got a positive impact on sales."
Greg Allbut
Sheffield Group
Sheffield Group
Karl Bushnell
"Accurate real-time forecasting  allows us to see when we'll hit our monthly sales targets. Now that we have access to Access to real-time data, reps much more focused on where they spend their time to ensure they hit target! "
Karl Bushnell
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Selknet Fastenings

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