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The First Rep Focused Sales Performance App

Reps not making target?
Don't just hire more

Close more deals with the same staff using the sales performance app that boosts rep effectiveness

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Engaging sales people one business at a time

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Don't leave money sitting on the table

Without direction, your reps are missing sales opportunities

Numerik enables sales teams to close more deals by motivating reps and giving a clear path to making target.

"Talk to anyone in our sales team, they'll tell you Numerik’s been one of the best things we've put in. That's reflected in the high usage we see.”

Daniel Roberts, National Sales Manager

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Track target progress & forecasts
Motivate reps to take action
Identify opportunities at a glance 
Make logging call notes effortless
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Achievement Alerts
Commission progress
Sales drilldown
Sales live feed

If your CRM is the answer, why aren’t your reps hitting target?

The sales app that works
with reps, not against them

CRM & BI tools aren’t the solution to bolster sales performance, they’re just not made for reps. Don’t believe us? Check your reps' usage.

Reps live quickly and think on their feet, yet CRMs are slow and belong in the office. 

Numerik cuts the clutter to present reps with actionable real time insights that help close opportunities while they’re hot.

A rep's typical monthly usage of top CRMs

App Logins
Target View
Logged Note

The difference Numerik can make

App Logins
Target Views
Logged Notes

“We saw return on investment for Numerik within four weeks... even before you look at the increase in sales Numerik delivered, the tool was beyond cost neutral."
Carl F - Quin Global

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Numerik puts your number front-and-center

Setting big targets is easy,
smashing through them takes focus

Ambitious targets are great, but without focus and motivation a rep’s targets will remain unmet. 

Numerik doesn’t only give the destination, it provides the roadmap and rocket fuel that gets reps there early.

Target Progression & Forecasts
Sales Gap Insights
Rep Motivation Tools

"Our CRM got us to a great point, but Numerik is an absolute game changer because of its speed. If I don’t have time to prep for a store visit, I can walk in, open Numerik, and instantly get a clear picture of sales opportunities."
Robbie Dale - Farmlands Foods National Sales and Marketing Manager

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two mobile screens displaying Numerik sales app scorecards and tracking pages
Glanceable KPIs & Reports

Understand the why behind sales results

Insights unlock mystery behind sales team performance 

Don’t live in the unknown, with Numerik the picture of why your team is performing better or worse becomes clear.

 Numerik engages reps to log better call notes, but also allows users to drill into sales results at the rep, customer, or even product level.

No more guessing as to where your reps' next deals should be coming from.

Client testimonials

What our users are saying about Numerik

"What I love most about Numerik is the ability to look ahead and validate how and where we will achieve growth. That access to real-time data has helped us identify areas we can still grow, rather than just riding the wave of a buoyant market."

Frazer Dunn
Frazer Dunn

OSC Sales

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"Numerik helped motivate and focus the team to achieve their targets in a structured way. We got visibility of customer activity across 80 product groups and 8000 product lines, which helped our sales reps get a better understanding of a client's buying patterns. Armed with this understanding, we got a positive impact on sales."

Greg Allbut
Greg Allbut

Sheffield Group

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"Accurate real-time forecasting allows us to see when we'll hit our monthly sales targets. Now that we have access to real-time data, reps much more focused on where they spend their time to ensure they hit target! "

Karl Bushnell
Karl Bushnell

Selkent Fastenings

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