Sales performance app for tire reps

Help your sales team sell more tires

Keep the wheels turning on your tire business with the sales app purpose built to help reps move rubber and make targets.

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Don't leave money sitting on the table

Without Direction, Reps Miss Sales Opportunities

Get the only app truly focusing rep’s energy on hitting targets and achieving next-level sales results.
We’ll help your reps move tires so fast, you’ll ALMOST smell burning rubber!

Rep Motivation Tools

Help sales gain traction by engaging reps with their targets

Numerik makes hitting sales numbers easier and more fun with tools providing positive feedback,
a closer knit team, and healthy competition.

Team Leaderboards
Progress to targets
Incentives & commissions
Sales Gap Insights

Focus rep’s energy on the easy wins currently being left untouched

Glanceable insights help reps spot sales gaps hidden in the data of your ERP, steering them in the right direction towards their next deal. Perfect for quickly moving deliveries of tires as they come in, clearing your warehouse in no time.

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Sales Targets & Forecasting

Keep reps aligned to their targets with real-time sales forecasts

Keep your number front-and-center and break this down into personalized targets to motivate and get the most out of each rep.

View real-time progress and where they’re likely to end up with up to date forecasts of expected results, allowing reps to cover their tracks if they’re expected to fall short of their goals.

Numerik Scorecards and grid data view page in mobile devices
Numerik posts feed presented in a mobile device

Performance & Activity Tracking

Learn the why behind your sales results and spot how to improve

Make it easier than ever for reps to share their knowledge and experiences with the rest of the team and gain unmatched visibility on performance and rep’s activities it comprises from.

Identify trends and employ custom KPIs encouraging actions you view to make the biggest difference to selling more tires.

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What difference does Numerik make?

Don’t just take our word for it....

“We kicked off with a small trial, but it quickly morphed into a full rollout, because we could see the team were using Numerik and enjoying it.

Talk to anyone in our sales team, they’ll tell you Numerik’s been one of the best things we’ve put in. That’s reflected in the high usage we see.”

Ambrose B.

National Sales Manager

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“The bottom line is, we saw return on investment for Numerik within four weeks because we stopped running all of those other systems, and Numerik cost less to license. So even before  you look at the increase in sales Numerik delivered, the tool was beyond cost neutral.”

Carl F

Chief Technical, Marketing and Innovation Officer

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If you manage a sales team,
you have to try Numerik...


Numerik can help your sales team make your number with a free demo

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