The Numerik Index Report

Analysing data collected from sales teams spanning across
various companies, industries and countries.

The Numerik Index report benchmarking 2022 sales performance

Key points discussed in this edition.

We report on the average performance of sales teams across the discipline and provide benchmark statistics for you to compare your team against in 2022.
Our analysts provide a breakdown of performance across several key industries, such as automotive, food and wholesale supplies.
Read into region specific performance to see how your company stands against the global average for sales teams.
We cover notable changes between the Numerik Index of 2022 and 2021, providing potential causes and correlations with real world events and other environmental factors which impact sales teams.

Numerik Index reports archive

The Annual Numerik Index - 2021

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Quarterly Index Update - Q3 2021

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Quarterly Index Update - Q2 2021

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Numerik Index

It is a benchmark of the performance of the sales industry.

What is the purpose of the Numerik Index?

There are many environmental factors right now influencing performance, its very difficult to tell if you are doing well or not. To provide a benchmark of the sales industry, giving sales managers and their teams something to compare themselves against.

How is the data from the Numerik Index Calculated?

The Numerik Index is a benchmark of sales performance calculated using anonymous metrics provided by Numerik users who have opted to participate.

How can I participate in the Numerik Index

Sign up to the Numerik Sales Performance App and opt in to participating when prompted.

How can I use the information in the Numerik Index to improve my sales team’s performance?

Check out the sales performance blueprint, it combines information presented in the Numerik Index with the latest trends in the sales discipline. This is a blueprint designed to help sales managers get better results from their sales teams with new and effective methods used by leading teams around the world.