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Pick the right sales app for your business, and your reps

Hitting hefty targets requires the right tools for the job.

Choose a sales app that aligns with your business, reps, and the products they’re selling.

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The difference Numerik can make

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Made to help...
Sales Reps
Managers & Analysts
On their mission to...
Make sales targets
Store customer details
By helping reps with...
Motivation, spotting deals & relaying info
Data entry
Often used for...
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While reps are...
On the go making sales
In the office
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Take a moment to question your reality

CRM’s are sold as the silver bullet for sales, but are they really?

In their heyday, details stored and reported in CRM’s were game changing for manager’s understanding of customers. An auxiliary benefit was this data also could assist reps in closing deals if they knew where to dig.

But times have changed and it’s not 2010 anymore. People work differently, have busier schedules, and sales competition is at an all-time-high. Thankfully tech has gotten smarter, as no high performing rep has the time or bandwidth to do the digging anymore.

It’s time to ditch the idea of “the rep’s can use it too” and to give your team a tool hyper-focused on helping reps with their goal of hitting sales targets.

What results has your CRM provided?

Does Salesforce really help reps make targets?

“We’ve not missed target since we got Numerik and I honestly don’t know where we’d be if we didn’t have it. I don’t believe we’d be hitting these numbers. In fact, I can hand on heart guarantee it.”

“We achieved ROI on Numerik in only 4 weeks, and that’s before accounting for extra sales made.”
Carl F - Quin Global

Can you say the same about your sales CRM?

CRM’s sacrifice sales for details

Would you rather reps be selling or doing data entry?

Understanding customers and getting information from the coalface of your business shouldn’t break the flow of your reps, or be at the cost of valuable sales time.

Gone are the days of blocking out time to sit at the computer and log call notes, new-age tech allows for information to be shared at high velocity and almost no effort required from reps.

Voice-to-text call notes, sales live feed, and team group chats.

 Numerik app posts feature

What’s your team’s attitude towards your CRM?

Is your sales team using Salesforce by choice, or by requirement?

Reps forgetting to log call notes? Find yourself reminding them to fill in the CRM?

These indicate your team think they’re using the tool for other’s benefit and aren’t getting value themselves. Left untreated, this will slowly kill sales motivation, hurt company culture and provide weak CRM data for managers to make decisions upon.

A sales performance app designed for reps should be useful for their role, effortless, fun, and easily slot into their day. Reps should want to use their sales app.

Talk to anyone in our sales team, they’ll tell you Numerik’s been one of the best things we’ve put in. That’s reflected in the high usage we see.”

Ambrose B. - National Sales Manager, Tradelink

Rep Motivation Tools

Help sales gain traction by engaging reps with their targets

Numerik makes hitting sales numbers easier and more fun with tools providing positive feedback,
a closer knit team, and healthy competition.

Team Leaderboards
Progress to targets
Incentives & commissions
Software world top rated Inside sales softwareRising Star award 2021Software world top rated 2021Capterra Numerik review - 4.8 starsGetApp Numerik user reviews - five starsSoftware Advice Numerik review - 4.8 stars

“I think what you’ll see is that managing sales processes through a tool like Numerik is an absolutely critical part of sales success.”

David McMurdo, MD & Sales Veteran - McMurdo Consultants

If you manage a sales team,
you have to try Numerik...


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