Sales Performance Blueprint

A free report covering the most recent sales trends of 2022, including expert advice on
how you can use these to improve sales team performance.

Sales performance Blueprint

Key points discussed in this edition

We investigate the latest Numerik Index data in conjunction with insights from our network of sales managers, emerging academic research, and sales news to identify likely trends for the year ahead.
We pick the top 6 trends that sales managers should be focusing on today to gain the best edge for their team in the coming year to boost sales performance.
Our sales experts provide recommendations on how your team can effectively take advantage of these trends and incorporate them into your strategy to make targets more often.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the sales performance blueprint?

A report and action plan for sales managers wanting to keep on the cutting edge of the sales discipline, achieving the best results for their company and to get the most out of their reps.

What information is in the sales performance blueprint?

The Sales Performance Blueprint provides an overview of the latest trends happening within the world of sales. The report brings highlights from cross-industry sales performance benchmarks such as the Numerik Index and contextualizes them with the year’s findings.

Why was the sales performance blueprint created?

At Numerik, we work closely with sales managers from all over the world to help their team make their number. In doing so, we have a unique view of the discipline and what is working or not working for sales teams across a range of companies, regions and industries.

We feel this knowledge is just too useful to keep to ourselves, and if sharing it can help more sales managers reach their targets, we will be happy.

How can I keep up to date on the latest sales performance reports?

We’re glad you asked! If you are interested to keep in the loop with the latest reports as we release them, you can sign up to our newsletter here. Don’t worry, we hate spam too, you’ll only be sent relevant reports like the above, and you can feel free to opt out at any time.