Connect your sales team like never before

“The engagement at every single level is incredible. Our Managing Director is on Numerik, commenting, giving thumbs up and awarding trophies. You know when the senior leadership team gets involved you’ve got something fantastic.”

- Robbie Dale, Farmlands Foods

Sales live feed & group chats

A more connected sales team means:

Quicker, clearer communication

Stronger culture

Better customer service

Real-time posts, reactions and group chats

A steady sales info stream shared across the team instantly

Have reps keep the whole team in the loop by sharing their experiences while out on the road. Visible for the rest of the sales team, and staff back at the office, everyone can read, react, and respond with comments to new Posts.

Managers can quickly catch up on what their team’s been up to while marketing can see the results of their campaigns come to life with unmatched clarity.

Sales rep using Numerik app on-site in a warehouse
KPI's and Post filters in the Numerik app