Provide reps a compass to their next sale

Without direction it’s hard to arrive at your destination.

Numerik is like a GPS for reps, you set the destination targets, we’ll provide the best path to closing deals and making the number.

Motivated sales reps mean:

More sales opportunities found

Higher customer lifetime value

Easy upselling/cross selling

Point reps in the right direction

Reps should never be guessing where to make sales

On tap insights mean reps always have somewhere to go if they’re unsure where their next deal is hiding.

At any time they can check where they should focus their time for more sales or the best margins.

Graph showing products data - what's performing well and what's not
Numerik data drilldown examples
Numerik app showing customer information

“We got visibility of customer activity across 80 product groups and 8000 product lines, which helped our sales reps get a better understanding of a client's buying patterns.

Armed with this understanding, we got a positive impact on sales.”

Greg Allbut
Greg Allbut

Sheffield Group


“Now that we have access to real-time data, reps are much more focused on where they spend their time to ensure they hit target!”

Karl Bushnell
Karl Bushnell

Selkent Fastenings

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