Numerik Referral & Affiliate Program

Get paid for spreading the word about Numerik

Make a healthy commission for every qualified referral you make.

$500 for you.
$500 for your friend.
$500 discount for your company.‍

Everyone wins.


The referral process

How it works

Do you have a friend at a company that would benefit from Working

All you need to do is help facilitate our initial conversation with them and we’ll reward you when they meet the referral criteria.

You can either
a) Send them an email introducing them to Numerik with cc’d into your email (example in our FAQ below).

b) Have them book a demo with us via our website and mention your name during their conversation with our sales team.

What counts as a referral?

Referral criteria

To earn commission, the following criteria must be met for the referral to qualify.

1. It must be made clear you referred us during our initial touch point with the potential customer. Either yourself or your friend must mention who referred them and from what company during the first demo, call, chat, or email exchange with the company.

2. The company must sign up as a paying customer of Numerik within 90 days of this initial touch point.

3. The company must remain a paying customer of Numerik for at least six months.

If all of the above are not met, then no commission, finders fee or discounts will be applied.