Glanceable sales reports

See a snapshot of rep activity & performance with just a tap.
Keep in the loop with how your team is tracking with report insights available at a glance.

Glanceable sales reports mean:

Better utilised reps

Greater clarity on reps

More effective coaching

Report achievements & next steps

Reports to engage and help reps on their mission

Automated reports provide feedback and visibility on your team’s progress to making targets.

Report on sales, outstanding quotes, leads to follow up, or even variances between customer purchases and targets for reps to followup.

Man looking at the Numerik app
An example for Numerik scorecards, designed to help rep achieve their targets

Reports designed for sales use

Useful sales info right at your fingertips

Receive the goldilocks zone of sales insights, providing useful information for sales reps and sales managers without bogging everyone down with mountains of data.

Instead of wasting time on sifting through for the info you need, Numerik lets you focus your energy on getting the best sales results.

Reporting Simplified

Have reports posted to a familiar livefeed similar to your social media.

Automatic Insights

Save staff time by having key reports automatically published at your desired frequency.

Easy Setup

Reports designed for sales teams to create, use and customise. No IT or analysts required.

“This must be the simplest system implementation with the greatest positive Impact we have ever done.

Well done to the Numerik team for such an incredible product.”

Alister F

Shared on LinkedIn


“We got visibility of customer activity across 80 product groups and 8000 product lines, which helped our sales reps get a better understanding of a client's buying patterns. Armed with this understanding, we got a positive impact on sales.”

Greg Allbut
Greg Allbut

Sheffield Group