How to make sales targets drive performance

Jonathan Hubbard
March 22, 2021

Life is a game.

In any game we play, seeing the scoreboard is critical for keeping the players engaged.

It lets us know how we are doing and is a point of reference to continually "check-in" on.

It’s hard to stay motivated if you don’t know how you’re doing.

But in order to maximise the effectiveness of the scoreboard, we need to ensure our team has fast, easy, "on-demand" access to it.

Many sales teams aren’t seeing their targets come to full fruition, or can’t see how they got there to duplicate those results again, because the score isn't readily available to the team.

Unlike sports scoreboards that are oversized and in view of the entire field, many sales teams seem to have to walk through a maze to see the score.

Therefore they don’t see their results, areas to improve on, or opportunities to grab until the end of the month has overtaken them.

Think about the targets you currently have running for your team.

Is their status easy to access?

Is there a way to make them automatic so reps don’t have to will themselves to remember to check?

What improvements could you make?

Use these 3 practical prompts to maximise your targets

  1. Ensure the targets/scorecards are in a mobile friendly format. In this day and age mobiles are becoming the fastest way to consume content. Take advantage of existing behaviour! Your reps have their phone on them all day and use them often, so it’s natural for them to use that if you offer it.
  2. Keep the scorecards simple so a team member can see at a glance how they are performing. Adding additional data to scorecards can lessen their effectiveness and appeal. Less is more! If you could only pick 1 piece of data to display, which would it be? Which would be the 2nd choice? How many more pieces would a team member genuinely need to be empowered in their decision-making and motivation?  Prioritise the influential data and cull the excess.

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