2 easy ways to boost sales with existing customers

June 1, 2023

Are you a B2B field sales manager looking for short, sharp, simple methods for your reps to boost sales with their existing customers? Here are 2 sales methods Numerik users are using to grow their wallet share. The best part? You can do them with your own tools too if you’ve got the time. 

Two ways to boost your sales with existing B2B customers

Boosting sales, or growing wallet share, comes down to a rep’s ability to spot opportunities. In our experience, these opportunities are typically hidden within customer sales data, however, occasionally opportunities are easier to spot.

The first way: finding sales gaps in each product category

Reps can start by heading over to where their customers’ data is stored, whether that’s in your ERP, BI tool, or an Excel sheet, and find the spend data for each product category.

Once the rep has sales by product category sorted for each customer, they can start to identify if there are any gaps.

If one of a rep’s customers is a star spender in only 3 out of the 50 product categories your company stocks, something might be amiss. 

It’s time for some detective work:

  • Are there reasons why the other 47 categories aren’t being purchased?
  • Could a few of those other categories benefit the customer?
  • Is the customer aware we stock other product categories?

The next time the rep sees their customer, they can present their spend data and start asking questions. There could be a big opportunity waiting to be seized!

The second way: ensuring customers know about new products

With dozens or even hundreds of customers buying from each of your reps, it’s not uncommon for a few of those customers to be unaware of new products. 

Your handy new products are stellar sales opportunities in themselves: only if customers know about them.

Mentioning new products can be done easily, whether that’s slipping a sentence into an email, a few words on the phone, a catalog in the mail, or bringing a few samples along to a visit. 

Too easy.

Extras: Keen to learn more ways to grow wallet share? Check out this article here to get sales coach Ian Cartwright’s method to growing sales among existing customers.

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