About us

We're on a mission to make reps more effective

You don't need a huge sales team. All you need is motivated reps with the data they need to sell at their fingertips. And with Numerik in their pockets, your team have the roadmap and rocket fuel to nail their target.

How will we get there?

By providing the most rep centric sales performance app, focusing teams on targets and providing the best possible path to achieve them.

"There’s no doubt that the direction and clarity Numerik has given our sales team, sales managers, directors, and Board has absolutely transformed the business.."

Carl - Quin Global

Numerik sales rep app showing post, data grid and scorecard features

Why does this matter?

Because sales reps are always on the road, on the phone, thinking on their feet to jump on sales opportunities. Admin heavy CRMs aren’t the tool for them.

CRMs, BI tools, and ERPs were designed for managers. They belong in the office in the hands of business analysts. That’s why they do a lousy job supporting busy on-the-go sales teams.

The problem isn’t your reps. Good apps are pick up and play. You shouldn’t need a training course to know how to use them. Or have to block out hours in your diary to update your call log.

If your current sales tool isn't easy, intuitive, and effective, it’s not working.

When using a sales app is second nature, reps sell more.

Numerik slots easily into your sales reps’ busy days without breaking their flow or compromising their routine. Which is why sales reps are 1000% more likely to use Numerik than a leading CRM, and why Numerik makes reps 34% more effective when it comes to hitting those targets.

Our story

How Numerik came to be

The year was 2008, and 4 months into an aggressive 2-year sales target the Global Financial Crisis struck sending the markets everywhere into a tailspin.

Seeing no apparent end to the crisis and with the 2 year end-date marching inexorably closer, something radical had to happen.

The pressure was intense. To fail meant to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses tied to the sales target. But these were no ordinary bonuses. Months earlier we’d sold the business and the bonuses were part of the sale price.

Our families were relying on us to deliver the remaining part of the business-sale deal. But to deliver we had to beat the greatest financial crisis the world economy had seen since the depression of the 1930s!

Faced with seemingly impossible odds we had to get deadly serious. Focus focus focus. Where will the sales come from? Who should we put our time into? How can we squeeze every last dollar of revenue from every account? Where will new business come from? Who calls who? How do we track progress?

The answers to these questions lay in the data. And to the data we turned.

20 months later, and on the last week of the last month of an intense nearly 2-year sprint, we burst across the finish line barely 1% over target. Over by the slimmest of margins, but we were over and that’s all that mattered.

What was the secret? What did we turn to when the chips were down? It wasn’t the CRM, we just didn’t have time for it’s complexity, we had to sell. No, for 20 months we had solely focused on the sales numbers.

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